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Certificate IV in Hospitality

  • This course is best suited for employees that have completed Certificate III or have worked in the industry longer than twelve (12) months wishing to prepare for middle management.
  • It is composed of fifteen (15) core units and thirteen (13) elective units. The electives are drawn to best reflect the area of occupation, i.e. Front of House, Room Service, Back of House (House Keeping), etc.
  • Ideally the student will be practicing the skills and would attend theory and underpinning knowledge sessions once monthly for approximately 2 hours.
  • Assessment of competency is through quarterly on the job observations, written quizzes (at the completion of each session), short essay assignments, field research and verbal assessments.
  • As the course is structured from approved Australian Training Packages and is accredited by Vocational Education and Training Advisory Board (VETAB) it leads to qualifications that are nationally recognised and within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • Prior completion of units that may have relevance will receive recognition in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).
  • For details of course fees please contact Student Administration.
  • Typically the course would be:
SITXCOM001A- Working with Colleagues and Customers
SITXCOM002A- Work in a Socially Diverse Environment
SITXCOM003A- Deal with Conflict Situations
SITXOHS001A- Follow Health, Safety and Security Procedures
SITXOHS002A- Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures
SITXOHS004A- Implement & Monitor Workplace Health, Safety & Security
SITXHRM001A- Coach Others in Job Skills
SITXHRM005A- Lead and Manage People
SITXCCS002A- Provide Quality Customer Service
SITXFIN003A- Interpret Financial Information
SITXINV001A- Receive and Store Stock
SITXINV002A- Control and Order Stock
SITXMGT001A- Monitor Work Operations