Dear Con,

Congia has taught me, begining from the basics the things I need to know to work as an employee in the hospitality industry. They provide a very stimulating course which assists you tremendously whilst on the job, with practical skills and most importantly verbal skills so you are able to deal with people.

What I like most about the courses Congia provide, apart from being very informative and relative to the industry, they really focus on the individual and their needs so that they grow to advance and achieve their goals. Its not like a Tafe lecture where you are surrounded by numerous students sometimes making it difficult to really grasp what is being taught
as lecturers do not have the time to cater to each individual.

At Congia, Con is able to assist individuals with any queries they have and really work with students ensuring future growth for his clients.

Thank you very much for getting me to this stage and I am most definetly looking forward to continuing further study.

Best wishes,

Antoinette Adam

Joining Trainingforce of Congia Enterprises in 2002 I was still at an uncertain stage as to the direction, field or industry I wished to pursue. Having completed certificate I and II, Con Calavrias explained all the possibilities that this course can provide and lead into, I now have a grasp of the career I wished to pursue.

Whilst attempting my year 12 (HSC) and all the pressure it implies Congia was always there too rely for continued gaining of experience, guidance for the HSC qualifications and advise on what will take me all the way into University giving me two opportunities instead of just the one.

Hospitality is a big part of my life and through Congia Enterprises & in particular Con Calavrias helping & guiding me, it will turn into my successful profession, which is why he will be getting my first pay cheque...!

Thank you for everything & I look forward to continuing into my Diploma with Congia Enterprises

Matthew Nastasi