At Congia we welcome all into our family and develop a relationship that identifies individuals and their needs.

Our strength lays in recognising how varied the needs are for employers and employees and the willingness to tailor courses, programs and management of projects.

Whether you are choosing to advance a career by gaining further skills, entering the Hospitality Industry and commencing from the basics or interested in establishing/redesigning your business, we are geared towards helping you achieve your individual best.

Our culture identifies with varying needs and efforts required by different individuals to achieve their goals and balance their work/life obligations. We are committed to developing self paced programs that can be accessed traditionally or electronically and schedule meetings sensitive to your business hours.

Committing to self improvement is the first step, performing the work required is the means to achieving goals, the crowning of your labour, hence our motto;

‘Labora Fortiter et Finis Coronat Opus’
(Strive to achieve and the end will crown the work)